Morning of the autumn end

banana bread,topping of the blueberry

blueberry bread

It was too hard bean.

Adzuki bean rice

with the Adzuki bean and the soybean


It is all right in weak flour.

dry yeast

coconut sugar


winter version,
not down

many leaves
I sometimes food on a leaf.

for over 1000 birds
or 2000 birds

Sola eats the bread.

feather of the sparrow

The winter when a camellia blooms


Sola,which shows a foot

flamingo and dove in Kobe

I use usually these materials for food. rice balls are hardened. I should run fast and put quickly.

Because there are many birds in the various places.

So many sparrows like garland are so cute. Lovely♥


スズメがガーランドみたく可愛いのです。♥     2016.1.14.Tomoe